Assurance of Biomedical Systems


Dr. Roberto Gallo has over 20 years of experience in cryptography, cyber defense and intelligence, working simultaneously in industry, academia and institutionally. As Founder and Managing Director of Kryptus he has worked on dozens of projects with clients in the defense, financial and corporate sectors. He was honored by the Brazilian Army for his collaborations with the Peacemaker Medal (2018) and with the Official Military Merit Order (2020), and by the Brazilian Navy with the Ordem Tamandaré Medal of Merit. From an academic point of view, he has a master’s and doctoral degree in cybersecurity and more than a dozen articles published on the subject at international events. His doctoral thesis is the winner (first place) of the “III Concurso Marechal-do-Ar Casimiro Montenegro Filho” of the Secretariat of Strategic Affairs of the Presidency of the Republic (2012). Roberto Gallo serves as President of ABIMDE – Brazilian Association of Defense and Security Materials Industry and Statutory Director of the Brazilian Association of Software Industries.

Tema: Assurance of Biomedical Systems

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