Certification and Commissioning of Biosafe Facilities - Gonzalo Pascual

CDC's New Biosafety Manual - Cláudio Mafra

Lessons Learned from Past Epidemics in the Context of COVID-19 - Luis Ochoa

Spillover and Epidemics: Preventable Stories? - Clarissa Damaso

World COVID-19 Vaccine Program: Current Status and Perspectives - Elena Caride

The Role of CONCEA in Animal Experimentation Refinement - Ekaterina Akimovna

Regulation and Responsibility in Air Transport of Biological Material - Silas Basque

Harmonization of Thematic Axes for a Tuberculosis-Free Brazil: Narratives and Concepts with Biosafety - Fernando Sanches

The Other Coronaviruses - Paulo Brandão

Antimicrobial Resistance: A Silent Pandemic Questioning the Fundamental Principles of the One Health Concept - Douglas McIntosh

Epidemiology of COVID-19 and trends in epidemiological curves: are we closer to the end of the pandemic or nearing the fourth wave? – Wandersom Oliveira

A Time to Remember: Science's Vision in Confronting the Coronavirus Pandemic and the Future of Health - Margareth Dalcomo

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