Compartilhamento de dados genômicos


I work in the field of neurogenetics, focusing on the study of genetic and phenotypic markers in neurologic disorders. Currently, I am particularly interested in studying the underlying molecular mechanisms leading to disease, aiming to find better treatment options and prevention. In recent years, my laboratory has focused on using new genomic techniques to answer some of these biological and clinical questions. My research team is a reference in Latin America for next-generation sequencing technologies, bioinformatics analysis of complex genomic data, and the study of non-coding RNAs. I have received several honors and awards for my scientific contributions, including the election as a member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, the highest award for scientists in Brazil. I have recently participated in establishing the Brazilian Initiative on Precision Medicine ( which launched the first public genomic database in Latin America, and the LatinGen (, a web portal for the sharing of genetic and genomic information in Latin American. In addition, I was responsible for introducing the first presymptomatic testing clinic for late-onset neurodegenerative disorders in Brazil in 1997. I am currently a principal investigator of the Brazilian Institute of Neuroscience and Neurotechnology (, a Center of Excellence for research innovation and dissemination in Brazil ( I have published 266 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, which have been cited 13,488 times (google scholar), h-index = 52 (google scholar). In my career, I have supervised 68 graduate students, 28 post-doctoral research fellows, and 38 undergraduate students in the scope of the initiation in the science program. Also, I work as an attending physician in the outpatient clinics at the UNICAMP university hospital. 

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